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Project Description


Mountains to sea


Trans-Slovenia route combines breathtaking green forest and beautiful alpine scenery of Slovenian Alps, with mountain passes, glacier lakes, and tons of single tracks in between. We stop in old town of charming Ljubljana, and continue on local single trails between mountains and valleys all the way to Adriatic see, finishing at at little old town of Piran. It will be one of the best rides in your live, we guarantee.

  • Skills

  • Fitness  

  • Beauty

  • Length: 382 km

  • Elevation: 9730m

  • Duration: 8 days

  • Season: May – October

Mountains to sea



Mountain passes and alpine valleys
Old town of Ljubljana
Adriatic sea and town of Piran



Up to the Pohorje

We will start in the city of Maribor, climbing up to Bellevue on our bike, or we can use the cable car lift. Up there on Pohorje ridge our journey starts, with endless singletrails in woods. We will visit a local ski resort and pretty church nearby, and then stop at an old forest hut for a big local lunch. Next stop will be the highest waterfall on Pohorje, or just relax on a nice spot at the river falling in waterfall. Ride will continue deep in green woods, until next stop at ski resort Rogla. After break we will ride to next Pohorje’s secret, Lovrenska lakes high on plateau with characteristic black water. Some more singletrails will brings us to day stop at mountain hut.

  • Lenght: 33 km

  • Elevation: 1300 m


From Pohorje to Koroska

The second day continues with a single trail ride in green woods and high-altitude pasture. We will climb up to the highest peak of Pohorje, Crni vrh at 1543 m. From there the ride goes up and down on the ridge, until the last mountain hut. There we will turn downhill all the way down to town Slovenj Gradec. Well deserved stop will be combined with a visit to the charming old town center. Final climb to Urslja gora will be a long, but views up on the mountains will count for all efforts spent. Day will end at mountain hut on the top of mountain Urslja gora.

  • Lenght: 48 km

  • Elevation: 1700 m


Into the mountains

We are already on the top of mountains and new day will continue in the mountains. Singletrail ride will takes us on the long ridge, with beautiful view on valleys down there. At the end of the ridge we will find pretty mountain hut for lunch stop and if lucky we can see Slovenia’s capital city of Ljubljana from here. Nearby we can visit deepest ice cave of Slovenia, with interesting ice sculptures made by nature. Long singletrail descent will bring us down to the valley, to the mountaineering village of Luce, full of history and local points of interest.

  • Lenght: 47 km

  • Elevation: 1140 m


Back to civilization

From Luce village we will start uphill ride to Velika planina plateau, large pasture plateau at the mountain. It’s a home of last remaining traditional shepherd villages in Slovenia and Europe, with houses built in traditional architecture and active shepherd culture. We will ride between traditional houses, tasting homemade local food and enjoying the stunning views on Alps. Downhill ride with bring us back to the valley, to the town of Kamnik, with charming historical old town center. Our ride will take us out of the mountains and we will start to approach the capital city of Ljubljana. Before Ljubljana we will jump to the outskirts hills, where we find series of perfect singletrails bringing us down to the city center.

  • Lenght: 72 km

  • Elevation: 1650 m


Visiting the city

Ljubljana is one of the greenest cities in Europe and has plenty to offer. We will cruise in the old town, checking interesting sightseeing points. Jump up Ljubljana castle will shows us all size of the city, with beautiful view on Alps where we spend last days. And most important, Ljubljana has direct access to the best mountinabike trails. We will check some of them, getting familiar with local bike culture and riding incredible trails. We will learn why Ljubljana was proclaimed as green capital of Europe in 2016. Day will end with drinks at old town, at river Ljubljanica.

  • Lenght and Elevation: Up to us


Underground world

Day with start with shuttle transfer to Postojna town, where we will find one of the most famous wonders of Slovenia, Postojna cave. Its world famous underground cave where you can see brilliant cave formations and also meet the live baby dragons. After interesting visit we will jump back on our bikes and start the ride at the hills about Postojna. Approaching Nanos mountain we will take long moderate uphill to the top, where we will catch breathtaking views on Alps and seaside waiting on us. We are on the border of continental and mediterian landscapes, and we can see & feel both worlds from here. Well deserved descent will bring us down to Vipava valley, where mediterian feelings becomes even more stronger. Day will end at town of Vipava, with optional glass of perfect local wine.

  • Lenght: 49 km

  • Elevation: 1300 m


Mediterian taste

We are in Karst region, and ride will take us on to some new landscape, old villages placed between small hills. We will explore mediteran architecture in village, old stone house made to survive many years in harsh natural environment. Next stop will be at Stajnel and we will visit old castle complex with beautiful gardens. Ride will take us up and down on hills, again visiting many old places, and in some distance we will see blue Adriatic sea. Day will end in such a village, at local homestay with perfect local dinner.

  • Lenght: 65 km

  • Elevation: 1260 m


Down to the sea

Its our last day on bike, we are close to the seaside and we still have something to see. We will take an easy ride at Dragonja river to reach see coast. There we can stop at salt producing facility, where salt is extracted from see with traditional methods. Ride will follow old railway tracks at the sea coast, and we will reach our end destination, town of Piran. Its beautiful old town in Venetian style, one of the best-preserved historical towns on the Adriatic region. Its perfect place to end our travel, relaxing at the sea side and ending the day with delicious seafood dinner.

  • Lenght: 43 km

  • Elevation: 560 m

Just let us know, together we can customize this ride!



  • Professional guide
  • Exciting 8 days bike tour
  • 7 nights accommodation in mountain huts or local guesthouse
  • Breakfasts and dinners with typical local food
  • Shuttle back to start location
  • Full support from our team. In case any technical issues occur, we’ll make sure everything is fixed
  • Photo memories

Not included

  • Lunch and drinks


  • Mountain bike or E-bike, bike equipment
  • Private guide
  • Single room (when available)


How many people will be in the group?2019-09-06T10:23:09+01:00

Groups are smaller for better experiences. We travel in groups of 5-max. 10 people. The minimal number of people for an individual group tour is 4.  For private tours, please contact us to Info

Who are our guides?2019-09-06T10:40:57+01:00

Guides are experienced cycling guides, who know all hidden spots of tour locations. They will support you with all experience and skills any time you’ll need them. Storytelling on base of cultural and natural sights on the way makes experience even better.

What about lunch?2019-09-06T10:39:48+01:00

On every tour we will stop for snack or lunch, where you can try local culinary specialties.

Tours are meant for..?2019-09-06T10:21:15+01:00

Our cycling tours are suitable both for those who cycle regularly and those who take a cycling trip occasionally. Together we choose a tour and adjust it to your skills and abilities, we can make a difficult and technical demanding tour for skilled riders and an enjoyable trip for the one who ride occasionally.

What should I wear and bring?2019-09-06T10:28:18+01:00

Wear comfortable sports clothes. For tours in the mountains, where temperatures can change rapidly, bring warm clothes and a waterproof jacket in case of bad weather.

Please bring bottle of water and sun protection in summer months. We provide all the cycling gear (bikes, helmets, service first aid, …). Any additional gear, can be stored in a van.

Can children join?2019-09-06T10:34:56+01:00

Children are welcome, as long as they can ride for at least 20 kilometres. Please notify us in advance, about kids joining the tour when you book. Together we will adjust the difficulty of the tour for that group. Please notify us, about children’s own gear.

What about the bad weather?2019-09-06T10:39:07+01:00

Great tours might be ruined due to bad weather. We’ll make sure the tours happen even in less ideal weather, but we will put your safety first. In case your tour gets cancelled due to bad weather, we’ll return  your money.

Mountains to sea

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